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If you are suffering from cervical or lower back pain, you know the importance of neck traction.

Neck traction is an efficient, Drug-Free method to relieve cervical pains.

Neck pain is a debilitating condition that lowers the productivity of people. If you are using analgesics and a plethora of other different remedies with poor results, try this recommended neck traction device.

It relieves the pressure on the pinched nerve and can easily deal with neck arthritis, herniated/bulging disc in the neck, neck strains, and cervical muscle spasms.

The Neck Relaxer Cervical Traction pulls your head away from your neck to create expansion and eliminate compression.

It’s considered to be an alternative treatment for neck pain, helping people avoid the need for medication or surgeries. It can be used as part of a physical therapy treatment or on your own at home.

The Neck Relaxer lightly stretch the neck to reduce pressure on the spine by pulling or separating the vertebrae. It’s said to be both highly effective and fast-acting.

Read on to learn more about this technique and how it can be of benefit to you.

This is a portable and compact cervical traction unit that effectively relieves neck pain from home, in the office, or while traveling!

It also minimizes tension headaches, enhances sleep quality, and improves posture and alignment.

How to use it?

It requires only a door handle to function properly. Simply wrap the fabric hook around the back handle, that which is hidden from view, of a closed door, so that the leash passes between the door and the doorjamb. If using a rail or pole, wrap the fabric around something parallel to the floor.

Then lay on the ground, keeping the body straight and the back against the floor with the head and neck cradled by the hammock. Benefits can be felt within just 10 minutes of use per day.

This method is highly advisable if you are suffering from any cervical disc disorder.

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The Neck Relaxer Cervical Traction Device

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